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Today was one of those days where it hit me! “i’m not the old me any more”. I don’t really care about my weight or how I look, I’ve been taking breaks from my obligations as a writer in this blog. I’m not covering as many events as I used to and i’m not going to the gym.

Time? I’ve got time, i’ve got loads and loads of time, It’s what I want to do instead. I’ve turned into a couch potato – literally, I managed to loose over 6 Kilos in Ramadan and the month before, checked out my weight this morning, I gained 4 of the 6 i lost back.

This is where I draw a line.



Hello, I’m dude. I’m a blogger and I’m about to change to the better.. Who’s in ?


Step 1. : You are what you eat ..  Lets start by having better food habits, lets look at our options for dinner and lunch.


Step 2. : That Gym subscription that’s still active.. We’ll you better start going, those added kilos wont just disappear!


Step 3. : Sleep well, in order to maintain a higher motabalism, you need to move more and exercise more, get out there.. But you have to charge up a little at night, so you wont end up with a lower activity level at work


Step 4. : Stop stressing it.. Everything will get done, just manage your time right, allocate time for TV, time for study, time for work. Don’t do too much TV unless you’re on a treadmill or cross trainer.


Step 5. : Yeah I know.. I mentioned it in step one.. But you gotta Eat Right!


I’m waiting to see who’s in.. I’m starting tomorrow and I want as many success stories as possible.

How you can help ?

Share those easy breakfast recipes,  that belly-off lunch, and energizing dinner meal.. Email them to us through the contact us page and i’ll be setting up weekly updates and visitors recipes! Do you have killer tips for an easy healthy way to get rid of that extra fat :P.. Share people — Share!


October is nearly in, the weather is cooling up and its time to get healthy!

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  1. I feel you dude! Since we started blogging, our weight sky-rocked .. Blogging in general can affect you health like crazy!

    1. Post

      Lol.. I know.. Its kinda like, your obliged to blog, and that will be your excuse to not go to the gym.. For me.. Not anymore.. Im going to try and have more of a balance. Lets help each other, healthy food is the way to start, eating right at least and 30 mins exercise min each day would be great

  2. Funny, i told myself the same thing yesterday and today is the day. 5alas.

    1 tip that worked for me in the past (in addition to healthy eating during the day) is not eating anything at all after 6pm. If u stick to it strictly, it really does work. Also, eating carbs for breakfast (as in cereal and/or sandwich) and stopping, lets say, around 1pm. Rest of the day till 6pm is dedicated to fruits, veggies, and protein. After 6pm its nice to have warm drinks like herbal teas. Keeps ur hungry tummy nice n warm. 😛 Like all diets, the first week is always the toughest and then ur body gets used to it.

    That’s my plan.

    1. Post

      I’ll give it a try.. The thing is I get off work at 4.. get home after a few errands at 6.. and eat lunch/dinner in one meal. O forget I go to the gym afterwords 😛 the pillow is my friend 😛 I have to change that and try to eat at work so that when I get home i go straight to the Gym.. Thanks for your valuable feedback 😀

  3. I heard that pushing the deadline to 7pm is also effective! The whole point is to give ur body enough time to digest all the food of the day before you go to sleep. Plus ur metabolism slows down at night anyway so it’s best to just give urself a break blail.

    Ur welcome and good luck to the both of us!

  4. I like this post found it a little funny and serious at the same time.

    This is what I have:

    200g Greek yogurt (0% Fat over 21g protein) With Organic Oats and Almonds.
    Powers: Boosts energy, sex drive, reduces cholesterol maintains blood sugar levels, builds strong bones, fires up your metabolism, Builds muscle and fights cravings.

    Snack (2 – 3 hours later):
    Whole Wheat toasts with 2 egg whites and ricotta cheese. (Optional, I put a little oats in the sandwich, I gain it’s nutritional values without tasting it.)
    Powers: Builds Muscle, Burns fat, Prevents your body from storing fat.

    Lunch (2 hours later):
    Grilled chicken breasts with Edam cheese.
    Double cheese burger (Edam Cheese and Burger Ghanam) With Whole Wheat toast cooked with Olive Oil (Optional: Oats)
    Powers: Lowers cholesterol, Boosts the immune system, Prevents from storing fat, Builds Muscle, Builds strong bones and fires up weight loss.

    Snack (2 – 3 hours later. I head to the Gym 30 minutes after having this snack):
    Buy a blender: Add 2 Scoops of Whey protein, Milk, Blueberries (Raspberries/blackberries), 2 teaspoons of organic peanut butter. (Optional: oats! again, you cant taste it, it will taste like peanut butter. Optional #2: Almonds. Optional #3: Be creative)
    Powers: Boosts testosterone levels, Builds muscle, Burns fat, protects your heart, boosts energy and sex drive, reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels, enhances eyesight, improves balance, coordination and short-term memory, prevents craving. (Awesome right?)

    Dinner (2 hours later, I just got out of the gym and heading home)
    Whole wheat Toast, 2 Egg whites (separate the yolk), Ricotta cheese and oats. (I eat it immediately after work out, the calories will be used to repair muscles)
    Powers: Mentioned above

    Almonds, Milk/Leban.
    Almonds, and Kellogg’s All bran plus.
    (I try not to take Calcium before I head to bed so I do avoid milk and dairy sometimes because I use ZMA. If I do consume calcium I’ll have to wait 2 hours to consume ZMA)

    Notice that my diet doesn’t have any greens. Vegetables are not bad, they fight against cancer, heart disease and obesity. But I personally don’t eat them.

    This diet helps you gain muscles and burn fat 24 hours.

    I hope I helped. If you have any questions hit me on Twitter @mo4r.

    1. Post

      Great comment.. I’ll review it thoroughly when i get home and set up a shopping list.. its cool too coz its important for me to build muscle to get rid of that extra fat here and there.. thnx for passing by and taking time to help with the challenge!

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