The Prank that Nearly Killed Her!

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I don’t know if you’ve seen this it was pushed around quite some time back, this took place in a prank program, the host nearly killed the person they were trying to prank, she threw a fit and then nearly passed out.. Check out the video below : (I recommend starting from min  1:00)



Just shows you shouldn’t use lions or other Real animals for a prank!

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  1. Dude, if u’d seen the whole video u’d know that the guest “Sabreen” is the one who did the prank on the host “Ramez”. She knew there will be a prank so she turned it on him 🙂

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      I have.. But i juist wasn’t sure she was saying the truth.. I think thats what they agreed on to make ends meet 😛

  2. Watch the video till the end … it turns out she is the one fooling the guy in the show… start from min 9:00 🙂

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      Thats what she apparently says, i don’t buy the whole i was acting thing hehe.. But you know she had to “tregge3” il mowthoo3 😛

  3. It Is Pretty Scary To Do Such Thing And You’re Totally Right About Everything You Said. But She Saw It Coming And As She Said She Practically Raised The Lion. And She Said She Faked The Whole Thing. THAT IS ONE GOOD ACTRESS @_@

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      Lol.. I don’t think she faked it.. She was trying to make it seem that way.. She nearly passed away.. U can see that when he splashed water on his face she wouldve laughed not slap him.. hehe

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