The New Tiguan 2012 is in K-Town!

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We were invited to cover the launch of the Tiguan 2012 ! The car starts with a base price of around 7950 (Depending on the options), and comes with a standard parking assist option, which sets this car apart from its rivals in it’s range! Unfortunately I didn’t take this car for a test drive, I might do sometime in the future.

I’ll leave you with a few pics i took and a couple of youtube Vids!:


Click on “Read more” for more photos of the interior and some youtube videos on the car!


Here’s a link to Tiguan in VW Kuwait 

Here’s a demo on the self park system (a lot of ppl need this in Kuwait :P)



I liked this commercial of the Tiguan which I found on Youtube :

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      I’ve only appreciated them after my wife got a touareg, they’re safe, very nice to drive and very stable, I kinda look down on my FJ’s driving experience after being in the Touareg 😛 hehe

  1. How is the reliability and the dependability of VW’s … do they have a lot of technical problems. I bet none for the 1st few years, but maybe some after 3 or 4. Just wondering

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