The New MacBook Pro – A dream come true

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At last A dream come true,  USB 3.0 hehe, Beautiful high res retina display, HDMI port. But then when you wake up you realise that it comes with a HEAVY Price Tag! Starting from around 785 KWD its not something to be taken lightly :/ + no mountain lion yet? Might just have to wait for the next generation, as they usually discover some faults and fix them on the next update!

But then again Amazing specs and beautiful screen. I wanna try it !

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  1. Mountain Lion will be released next month, even if you purchase the laptop today you will get a free upgrade to Mountain Lion why are you all making a big deal about this! Seriously chill!

    And Heavy Price tag because there are higher quality equipment in those machines the thinner you go the higher it gets priced 🙂

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