The New FitBit One

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Yesterday I received my new Fitbit One ! Initial comments and differences than the fitbit ultra, are the smaller size, the clear crisp screen, and the increased number of parts that came in the box.

I ordered the Burgendy model (the black model was somehow not available on Amazon prime hehe) .

Its smaller than the Fitbit ultra, but when you attach the cover its the same size nearly, + unlike the ultra when you use it without the belt clip there’s no second clip, it looks like a small USB flash drive.

The kit comes with a USB charger cable, a Bluetooth wireless dongle to connect to your Fitbit wirelessly (you can keep this on since its very small), a rubber belt-clip/holster for the Fitbit, and the wrist band for use when measuring sleep cycles.

This is the Fitbit One, as you can see the display is a lot brighter and clearer than the older Fitbit ultra.

Wireless Syncing works with the iPad Mini and the FitBit app, which is available on the US store. The Bluetooth 4 Dongle that comes with the devices also syncs ok. The charging cable doesn’t sync however its only for charging, unlike the older dock that came with the ultra, which means that you have to have a dongle to sync the device not just the cable.

The Silent wake up is also good and actually works, its a little stronger than a phone’s vibration and doesn’t wake up the kids like when the alarm goes off (more watches should have this as an option!)

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