The LG G3 – The Reason LG might win the Android War

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The last LG handset I used was an LG dual SIM which I used when I traveled it was a very basic android handset, but I basically needed a dual sim card phone on a budget.

Coming from the note 3 I didn’t know that I would be this attracted to the LG G3 ! The moment you use it you can feel its faster and more stable than the note 3. Not once did instagram hang and stop, the default notification are ok to use out of the box unlike the whistling tone of the Samsung, the phone interface is simple and less cluttered than Samsung’s TouchWiz and is also a lot more responsive. The screen resolution and Camera were two important features that really caught my attention on the G3. I have also been using it without a screen protector for over a week now and it looks as new as the day I got it! Tapping to wake the screen up is also a cool feature that I enjoyed, as having the phone on the table you can simply triple tap and the device would work, or by having a knock pattern you can unlock your device without the screen turning on.



One of the major advancements was the ability to hide and re-position the bottom buttons, so you can have them similar to the Samsung or HTC, whichever you prefer.


With regards to the on and off keys and the volume key at the back, it was ok, but sometimes felt weird and unconventional and would turn the screen on accidentally when its in my pocket against another object. Button shortcuts mean you can start the camera by holding the bottom key, the flash is a double flash that gives a yellow hue due to the 2 LEDs (yellow and white) which gives the photographs a more natural feel. The laser sensor senses movement on and focuses accordingly. The back panel gave the device a prestigious feel and overall the G3 feels like a high end flagship.

Here’s  a looped commercial video that showcases all of the LG G3 Features  :

Something I discovered while I was looking for the features online was the built in remote charging feature which meant all you have to do is buy the charging dock and if your phone is the correct region, It would have the remote charging back and you would simply have to place it on the charging dock for it to charge.

This is a cool video from YouTube which shows some of the software features on the LG G3 :

This is a comparison between the two top of the line devices (The G3 and OnePlusOne)

After the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I believe that the G3 is quite the competitor to both Samsung and the One Plus One, it might well be the phone that will make me switch from the Samsung world. I really liked how it worked the size, the resolution and the friendliness, its interface is light and the battery capacity is similar to that of the Note 3 if not better.

In the end, would I recommend it ?

I’m honestly thinking of swapping my current Samsung Note 3 for a G3, the size, the screen the speed the stability the camera, it made me feel my Samsung was getting old which doesn’t usually happen until a new note is out!

The G3 is available from Zain in a number of packages or can be purchased without a contract for 179 KWD.

NB: The 16 GB version comes with 2 GB of RAM, whereas the 32 GB version comes with 3 GB of RAM (recommended). 

LG G3 Zain Kuwait

For more information, make sure you visit Zain’s Website here.


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