The Hotel Missoni Kuwait Tour

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I passed by the Missoni Hotel a couple of days ago to have a look at the new Hotel, and have a look at what it has to offer its guests as well as all the different rooms and facilities that they have.

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We Started off in the entrance of the hotel which was decorated with two huge beautiful mosaic  vases :

This  is a picture of the entrance from the Symphony Mall’s side:

Here is a picture of the artistic decor in the main lobby :

After the lobby we went up to the Business lounge area and main event hall, unfortunately the main event hall was engaged for an event.

Here’s the main business lounge areas which has a couple of computer terminals all connected to the internet, and a small seating area

Here’s the main conference room of the hotel, with all the latest business ammenities required.

Next We went up to have a look at the rooms:

We had a look at 3 different rooms:

First off the basic room, beautiful modern and colorful, the color pallete used in this room gives you a sense of energy and relaxation, amazing simple designs that as we say in Arabic “tred elroo7” – revitalises the soul.

Even the restroom is modernistic and colorful, all of the restrooms come with a bathtub (no jacuzzi unfortunately 🙁  )

Ofcourse you have this amazing view from every single bedroom in Hotel Missoni as all the bedrooms are seeside views of the gulf! Amazing!

Next up is the mid and larger rooms avaialable at hotel Missoni:

Again beautiful interior design and to top things up Bang and Olufsen Technology

This is the larger room setup, which contains a dining area and separate sleeping quarters as well as 2 bathrooms 1 inside and the other one a guest bathroom.  Very spacious filled with light.

 Next, we visited the hotel’s International Cuisine ‘Luna’ Located on the Top 18th Floor of the Missoni Hotel, this resteraunt is on a league of its own in terms of its decor and view, makes you feel like you’re in another country.

Again, a beautiful View of the Gulf of Kuwait



This was an amazing photo I wanted to share with our readers of the view in the Kitchen of ‘Luna’s resteraunt, amazing view, I expect it would look even more amazing at night!


Make sure to check out Our blog in the Coming days, and check out or continuation post on the Marvelous Six Senses Spa, which is located in Missoni Hotel Kuwait!

A special thank you for Miss Reem AlGhanim from Hotel Missoni and all the great Hotel Missoni staff for her great tour and Hospitality!



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