The Geeky way to fill all your Hela February Coupns

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I had so many Hela February Coupns to fill up i didn’t know how to start, when it suddenly came to me. I had a perfectly new samsung Laserjet which I only used like once or twice to print vouchers and I had the good old microsoft word 😀

I managed to create a small word file which you can modify depending on your printer and paper input source, if you have something similar to the s Samsung i’ve got (ML-2165) then you can use the word file without any modification and simply add your details and print away!


NB: Just make sure you have the coupons the right way around, also a word of advice: Sacrifice one coupon and exercise on it until you have perfect results before applying to the others. 


These are final samples, total wasted cards = 1.

Here is the Word File for the VoucherI was telling you about 😀


اذا كان عندك كوبونات كثيرة و تبي تعبيها بسرعه و بدون مجهود.. كل اللي لازم اتسويه.. اتنزل ملف الورد و بعدين اتعبي بياناتك. طبعا يعتمد على الطابعه اللي عندك مفروض اتحترك الاصطر في المكان المناسب.

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  1. Yup, I did the same. Used a4 sheets and then laid them on top of the coupons holding them up the light to make sure the words lined up right. I did this two years ago and must have done 100s of city Center and Hala feb coupons, but didn’t win a damn thing so I gave up.

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