The FitBit One is now available to buy

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I’ve somehow managed to loose my FitBit, not only that but I also lost interest in my health and what I eat as well, however i’ve decided i’m getting back on track. To help me with my goals I decided to try out the new FitBit, the Fitbit One which is now available to order through amazon.

Compared to the Nike Fuel band, the fitbit doesn’t restrict me by always having something on my wrist, and can go un-noticed by others. With the Nike Fuel band, every conversation seems to turn to a health related one, or a “can i try it on” sorta conversation, sometimes its just not the right time and place for that conversation.

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I’ll review it once it arrives! Stay Tuned!

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  1. Question, do you really care about monitoring your sleep and going up the stairs?

    If those aren’t important then get the Fitbit Zip I got it in October and I’m in love with the fact that I don’t have to charge it EVER! It syncs with your iPhone/iPad using the new Bluetooth technology and updates your profile and you never have to worry about charging it until 6 months down the line when you change the battery to another one.

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