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I didn’t know we had such great Kuwaiti workshops in Kuwait, especially one’s with State of the art CNC Machinery and 3D Laser scanning! They produce everything from artwork to special product designs and prototypes that can only be done using advanced CNC machines.  Their artifacts can be used everywhere both residentially and commercially in offices and hotels, and will really set you apart in terms of unique artifacts. 7aji and I paid them a visit a couple of weeks back, and we were really impressed with the Kuwaiti Talent that worked hand by hand to produce beautiful master pieces. Its not everyday that you see people changing their hobby into a business and experiment with Ideas, and new machinery (first in Kuwait) to produce the artwork that they produce. We really wish them all the best !


Here is a photo of owner and his designing partner Mr. Thaqeb AlSerhan and Mr. AlFailakawi


A Great Gift from ExportingTalent! Thank you.

A Short Interview of AlWatan TV with Eng. Thaqeb AlSerhan


Check out some of their sample designs :


For more information, make sure you visit their website (here) or give them a call at : +965 2242-6767

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