The Elegant 2014 Cadillac CTS

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I’ve been wanting to test drive the new CTS for quite some time, ever since I saw it in the launch event held by Alghanim motors a while back, and I took these photos there!

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The one I drove for this review had a 4 Cylinder 2.0L Turbo engine, and was a rear wheel drive car with 272 BHP at 5,500 RPM. The first thing that strikes you is that elegant and sharp front end, the LED lights would make you speechless in admiration for a couple of seconds and I have tried it and got same outcome with a number of people, once you switch the car on using the remote start, they stare at it in admiration.

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Unfortunately I had to photograph during night time as it was ramadan and it was quite hot before fetour to be going around photographing without having any food or water.

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The Interior of the Cadillac, is what we are used to in all Cadillacs, but I found it quite refreshing having a lighter car interior it made the car feel a little more spacious and easier for the eyes. (the darker carbon-fiber interior can be seen in the launch photos above).

Driving the CTS was quite enjoyable, the seats were very comfortable bucket seats with one of the most comfortable headrests I have ever tried in a car, and held you in well even when going into corners at a higher than average speed. It seated you in a way that made you feel 100% in control and comfortable at the same time (I tried to imagine what it would be like in the CTS-V – Double the power). The CTS I drove was equipped with Lane and Collision assist, which would vibrate the seat when you are reversing and there’s someone passing behind you, or if you move too close to the car next to you, especially useful if you are talking or listening to music and might miss the sensors going off due to the noise.

The lane assist function, I think we can do without for everyday driving, but for those longer drives, they can very well be life savers.

The Bose sound system was very interesting, it had 3 USB ports and a SD card slot controlled by the 8″ screen with CUE system (includes built in GPS), 11 Speakers and bluetooth support to hook up your phones and ipad, sound quality was great, even at very high volumes.

The AC was great, good climate control and good air flow, it also had air conditioned seats which in the hot weather we are having is a must with leather car seats and it does really make a difference.

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I really liked the front end of the car, the side profile long and low gave the car a prestigious feel to it.

[shashin type=”photo” id=”1033,1037,1036″ size=”small” columns=”3″ order=”user” position=”center” crop=”y”]

The rear end of the car, looked a little plain when the lights were out and the car off, however, as soon as you start the car and those LEDs come on – its totally a different story.

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This particular CTS has a starting price of around 16,195 KWD, I would recommend trying the 6 Cylinder version, I would presume it would drive better at higher speeds due to the extra engine weight in the front, but don’t take me wrong, the 4-Cylinder turbo is more than capable  for this car.

For more information on the Cadillac CTS, visit

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