THE CARWASH – Spoil your car and yourself!

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Located ideally on Kuwait’s  Forth Ring Road (right after the Sultan Center and opposite to the Car Showrooms), The CarWash is a new car wash in K-town that provides its customers and their cars with more than enough love and care! To test them out, I decided to go to them after a full day of off-roading and a little bit of splashes on my car here and there. Look at the pics and judge for your self!  + its a good time for a Carwash – Check out their locations at the bottom!


Before the Wash :


During the Wash :

The Carwash is based on a System that has been specifically brought in and installed from Italy. It uses state of the art technology, to ensure the best possible results with as little impact on the environment as possible.  Their machines are eco-friendly and use as little water as possible by injecting air with water simultaneously giving you enough power and strwngth to clean up without wasting water. Their soap, and wax are all imported from Italy to ensure the top level of quality. The technology that is used is amazing, i’ve been into the actual machine room and it was so high tech and quiet!


First the engine was cleaned to a shine :


Then Its a 3 phase process or 4 depending on the washing option, its washed with water, then a solvent that’ll bring down the dirt, soap, then wax.



Now the shine is pretty clear, and i’m in love with my car again 😛



Whats nice about them are their prices, they are very competitive and don’t add on unecessary extras just to justify a high cost, you get what you want and not a package taht you wouldn’t necessarily need.

Advantages of the CarWash :

1. Seeting area is nice and cozy and overlooks carwash.

2. You can enjoy a drink at costa coffee waiting for your car.

3. Its female-friendly, you just need to drive your car their, give your keys to the counter and enter costa.

4. Their lifting jacks are support low sports cars, and big SUVs and trucks, and they lift from under the tires.

5. You wont get splashed at if you stand next to a car being washed.

6. Very friendly people and take every customer as if they are old friends!

7. location is good, no need to go to the Canada Dry Road and get stuck in traffic.


You should go and try them.. You wont be disappointed!

For More information you can visit them at :

Directions can be found here


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      Their prices start from 2 KD for a basic wash and onward. I’ll try to attach a brochure of the prices soon!

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