The Bulbs that Screwed up my Evening

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I’ve been always looking for quality bulbs, and thinking that when you branded bulbs such as the ones I purchased, you’d be better off. Apparently the batch that i bought was fully defective!!!! Only 2 out of the 8 bulbs looked fine, one was completely bent inwards and the others got stuck up the bulb slot and wouldn’t unscrew or work (I tried to force them but that didn’t work either)

I bought these from the Fintas Co-op family store, I don’t think I’ll buy anything from them again, everything they have in the store is low quality Chinese knock-offs, they never bring original parts, especially electrical and plumbing parts!

They were all brand new! Non of the boxes were dented or damaged. 

This was straight out of a new box!!!!! GE Seriously???

Bulbs that were stuck, neither working or wanting to come out!

All of these in, only 2 worked (i doubt I can take them out later :/ )

Again, slightly dented, this is what got them stuck in the bulb holders!

Dead bulbs, no use anymore, have to call an electrician tomorrow!

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      Yeah I guess I will, i’m sure they’ll say ok,, and replace them. No customer service what so ever at Co-ops. I guess ill stick to Sultan Center or Lulu hypermarket, at least i know I wont be buying total rubbish or damaged items :/

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