The All New Volvo S60 – A car really worth checking out!

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During these upcoming months there will be a lot of a cars being launched in the middle east and we will try to cover as many as possible. Today I was invited to test the out the all new Volvo S60, I’m trying to think of one word to describe this car but there’s no one word to describe it! Its got everything covered from A to Z!  Click on Read More Below To get an insight of why you should consider Volvo when thinking about buying  a new car and how the City Safety Braking system works.



The car is truly impressive, being in the same class as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 for the 4 Cylinder models, the only advantage is that it comes with a T  – Yes thats a T for Turbo charged!

Before I go any further, I’d like to thank Mr. Alaeddin Al-Rahman From Volvo for his time and great hospitality the other day as I was looking at this car from every angle possible, and I asked so many questions  it was like i was planning to buy the car.

Now for the car, in Kuwait it comes in several trims :

1. The basic model the T4 :  1.6L l4 Petrol Turbo with 180 HP.  – Around 8900 KWD.

2. The middle Class 2.0T : 2.0L l4 Petrol Turbo with 203 HP.  – Between 9500-11500 KWD normal – prestige models.

3. The Prestige T6 AWD: 3.0L l6 Petrol Twin-scroll Turbo with 304 HP. Around 13200 KWD .



I test drove the red 2.0T l4 Volvo shown above it came with an additional sports look package that came with extra silver trim pieces that made it look quite cool and sporty. The driving experience was quite unordinary as i didn’t know what to expect from this FWD car. The suspension stifness was just right it was a mixture between soft and stiff, with our roads it might as well be the ultimate combination! The responsivness of the steering wheel was also impressive, it was tight, responsive and made you feel secure and in control! The turbo kicks in from 0 KM/h, therefore you really get that extra boost when you need it especially for a 2.0L engine.


The seats were bucket-like added the sporty feeling and were extremely comfortable + they are whiplash proof which means incase of an accident the chair moves with your body to avoid your back from ramming into the seat in a rear-ended collision.


Now for the technology that sets this car apart from it’s competition (these are available standard in all models):

1. Its got an impressive Blind Spot Information system (BLIS): This uses rear faced cameras on the door mirrors to detect cars that are in your blind spot and shines an indicator light to warn you of cars you cant see on your mirrors. Its activated when your speed exceeds 10 km/h.

2. City Saftey : Check out the video i took of Mr. Alaeddin explaining how it works :


3. Dynamic Stability and Tracktion Control (DSTC)

4. Active bending lights.

It comes with 3 optional safety features that cost around 1K extra : Adaptive cruise control (senses speed of car in front of you while cruising and adjusts speed accordingly) which comes with an optional Collision warning system that has full auto braking and pedestrian detection, which uses a combination of lasers, radar and a camera. The other two systems are a Driver alert control, which helps alert a tired or distracted driver by issuing the driver an audible warning and a message on the instrument panel. The last system is a Lane Departure warning system, which senses the lane markers on the road by using digital cameras and issues a warning if the driver swerves off his lane without indicator signals.


I could go on forever about the options in this car but I’d rather you go have a look at it and request a test drive, i can guarantee you’ll like it, no matter what sort of driver you are!


For more info please Contact the local Volvo dealership at : +965 1828200 ext 130 (for Mr. Alaeddin – one of the friendliest sales ppl ever!)


I’ll leave you with some of the shots I took while I was there!



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    Don’t Forget to check out Volvo’s reply to our post in the “About us page” 🙂

    “Lee Liyanage says:
    May 23, 2011 at 10:14 AM


    We at Volvo Cars Kuwait are deeply moved by what one member of your team had done after visiting our Volvo Car Showroom at Al Rai recently. Certainly you have taken a lot of effort to compile the following material and have it posted in your blog.

    Your wonderful creation and encouraging words will soon go to our Company website as a special guest review.

    Kudos to everyone and we are so proud of your team.

    Thamer, Jalal, Paul & Management Team
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