The 2013 Ford Mustang Looking good!

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Apparently the new Ford mustang comes with an upgraded exterior look, LED accents in the front Headlights and Good looking rear break/signal lights!  I used to own a Manual Gear 2007 Ford mustang GT, it was an absolute joy to drive to work everyday, I can’t imagine the power difference in the new engine than the one i had which was around 300 HP, the new ones boast 420 HP stock. I liked the mustang a lot, it was economical, fun, spacious (compared to cars in its class) and felt big enough for our roads (compared to the new Camaro – i’m not getting the dimensions of that car) somewhat affordable (also compared to cars in its range, and boasts a mean look and attitude.


Check out the video below for a walk around the 2013 Mustang. Make sure to have a look at the projection of the pony on the ground from the side mirrors at around 2:55 mins in the following video!




Ford are really starting to impress me on every car release! From the raptor to the mustang, incredible machines!

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      Yeah, they kinda get you to start considering it. I kinda got over the mustang when i bought the 2007 one i had, but as Celein Dion says, “It’s all coming back to me now” with the new 5.0 LOOOOL. I wont get into the shelby conversation coz that’s another level all together ;”(

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