Thank God it happened in my FJ Cruiser

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Last night I had a small accident where 2 Cola cups tipped over in the car while I was driving and I ended up with quite a sticky situation – Literally. I’ll let the pictures do the talking : 

BTW; The nice thing about the FJ Cruiser is that the flooring is all plastic and can be cleaned and washed easily, couldn’t imagine the mess that it would have done if it was in another car :/


This was in the rear Foot-well area, It wasn’t very pleasant either :/

The Cola ended up drifting around the Flooring covering everything. I ended up drying it up and it was another job for Tuff Stuff 



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  1. i just luv tuff stuff. hope your car is pretty clean now.
    i use hand vacume to clean my car 4m inside, and the leather polish 4m home centre to clean the seats.

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      Yeah It cleaned it up pretty good. I’ll do a car clean up post soon inshallah, you’ll see how obsessed I am with washing my car hehehe..

      1. with small kids, even if you clean your car with a tooth brush, after couple of hours you will be back at square one.

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          LOOOL.. Totally right.. :/ After simply going to the co-op my car gets filled up with potato chips, chocolate wrappers and french fries.. A Total mess isn’t even close to describe it..

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