Hear The Enemy Creeping Behind You!

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Don’t get too excited to the title its a Headset! A gaming headset that is! I wanted a gamin headset I can use with my PS3 and Xbox at the same time and I wasn’t sure what to go with! i came accross these in a store in Abu Dhabi and read some reviews online, and decided to go with …

US Release dates for the Xbox One and PS4

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I passed by a couple of stores here in my visit in the states,  and the release dates for the consoles are as follows :   15 November 2014 : PS4 (in stores) 22 November 2014 : Xbox One (in stores) With regards to pricing the prices shown in the store Game Stop here are : 499 for the xbox …

PS3’s Goodies after a long way away – As we say in Arabic : من طول الغيبات جاب الغنايم

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At last the PS3 network is back, and they decided to give everyone a present. For me i’ve been off the couch for the past couple of days so no gaming what so ever. i think their welcome back goody pack might just get me back into gaming!

Who thought video games would cause your credit card info to be set out there

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This is a very unfortunate event and it really makes you wonder how much information you can give. I never thought something wrong would happen. I recieved this email from the playstation network :   “Although we are still investigating the details of this incident, we believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided: name, …