The Battle of the Thermostats

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I have a problem with the AC that I have in my home in that the thermostat (the device that controls the AC) isn’t in the bedroom, now that’s good and bad as well, you see at night I kind of get temperature fluctuations, which means it either gets too cold or too hot and it just messes up my …

Great Helmet Cam Comparison

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I wanted to share with you this great helmet cam comparison by SkiingMag, it shows a great comparison in the same environment and under the same circumstances. I was quite disappointed at the noise quality of the GoPro (Just ordered one) the contour looks very promising, I might actually order one! Anyone try the contour ?

My New Toy: Motorola Xoom 3G

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I was always thinking about trying out android, but wasn’t really convinced about the handsets, I really like the stability of apples iOS, however, I tried caffenated’s Samsung Galaxy 10″ WiFi tablet, (6ab3an he kept on boasting it was th ebest thing ever and i kept on teasing him and asking him if samsung are stuck with their devices that …