Square those photos for instagram (iOS and Android)

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Today i’d like to share with you a couple of very useful apps, especially when it comes to adding photos to instagram (and they aren’t squared photos). 

1. The first good app for the iphone/ipad is an app called Sqaready. 

Squaready’s baisc features include minimizing the photos and being able to fit them in a square frame. 

2. A Similar application to Squaready but for android Handsets (an only has the squaring functionality ) there’s SquareIt:

The downside of squareit however is the fact that you cannot choose the frame size and you’ll always get a white/black/colored frame around you photograph and won’t be able to give it the full square 100%. 

Usability wise, they are both nearly the same, Squaready seems a little more complex and carries extra features compared to squarit. 


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  1. SquareIt is absolutely nothing like squaready. I have been using squaready on iPod for quite a while with fantastic results and still have to use my iPod for that as there is nothing remotely comparable fir android. SquareIt is rubbish in comparison!

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