SPIGENify your Samsung Galaxy S4

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Its really difficult to find that protective cover that won’t make your handset larger or bulkier, or make it look cheap. I’ve seen cool models from Spigen with a friend at work, but it was a little too expensive to buy online (taking into account the shipping price). I was at Olympia Mall with my wife and daughter when I passed by Cavaraty’s Store. I had a look around and weighed my options, and decided to get the Spigen NEO Hybrid low profile bumper and case and the Spigen Crystal Glass protection.

First up is the SPIGEN NEO Hybrid

SPIGEN Website Link : http://www.spigen.com/galaxy-s4-case-neo-hybrid.html

Great Case, comprises of two parts that attach firmly to the handset providing a unique feel. 


Next up was the Spigen Glastr Slim for the S4

Spigen Website link here. (Apparently there is a new thinner model Slim nano) 






Here’s the phone without any form of protection (Removed the old Buff Ultimate Protection sticker) – So many fake Buff products in the market you don’t know which is genuine product).


Here’s the phone with both the Spigen Bumper Case and Glass t screen protector. 

It looks a lot better the case doesn’t push on the screen protector, I had a few bubbles that I might have to live with :/ but the touch sensitivity, the quality of the picture is unbeatable, I’ve used a lot of screen protectors and most of them will cause a degradation in the image quality, but this remains crystal clear and it doesn’t feel you have a screen protector on in the first place! Great Product from Spigen!!! The Spigen cover also comes with a back screen protector for the phone which I applied and it really felt like it was made of high quality materials. 




How much did it cost? 

i got both items for 20 KD at Cavaraty’s store in Olympia, i highly recommend the Spigen products, do take care when installing them, as a small lint will leave a bubble. The main downside of the case is that when the phone is lying on its back the case mutes the speaker because it doesn’t have a curve next to the speaker where samsung have created a dent on the back of the device so that the sound won’t be muted when placed flat on a table, but it’s not an extreme show stopper for me and I bought it!

You can get them from Cavaraty at the following links : 




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