Spam emails in your inbox after plugin updates?

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We use the Akismet Spam filter on our blog, as well as the FS Contact form, and lately we were getting so much Spam in our inbox which was quite odd and it only happened after updating some outdated plugins.

The fix was simple, apparently a new option to pass on Spam that was stopped in the contact form to the email was enabled, and so we were getting quite a number of unusual Spam messages (labelled Akismet: Spam” in our inbox.

To fix all you need to do is  :

1. Go to the FS Contact form options (plugins -> FS Contact forms options)

2. Scroll Down to the akismet spam options and change the settings to “Block Spam Messages” Apparenlty these settings were somehow changed after the update to “Tag as Spam and send anyway”

3. Click on “Update Settings” and voila  – No More Tagged Spam messages in Your inbox!!

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