Solve the problem with your Wifi Coverage at home

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I though I had everything sorted in my house when it came to networking, and I was going to use the phone line outlets in the walls to connect Ethernet cables through them. But to my disappointing  my office room in my house doesn’t have a telephone outlet and only has a couple of electricity outlets, and the best place I have coverage in my house is my bedroom which is where my Mada router resides.


I.e. A network cable from the room to the office room was not a solution, WiFi signal was weak and I can’t live on my Zain’s LTE subscription since i’ll finish my allocated bandwidth in a couple of days hehe.


The solution!


It was one Friday morning, woke up early and I had an hour to burn before going to DHL, so I passed by XCite. To my amazement, they had the linksys PLSK400, which is basically a power-line networking device. Simply put, It will let you use your power cables as network outlets! I connected one in the office and the other one in the bedroom and I had Ethernet connectivity!



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