Should i do LASIK? Y/N Who do you recommend ?

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I’m tired of having to wear glasses, and i’m really really really considering doing the operation ASAP, i wouldn’t mind doing it tomorrow.. 5ala9 i’m sick and tired of having to wear glasses, and cleaning the glasses, and having my son pull them out for the fun of it and waking up not able to see without them, having to wear them when i wake up, not being able to wear sunglasses without wearing contacts first..  Enough is enough.

I need your recommendations!

I’m really looking around now for a good doctor. Eye surgery is really serious and I want to be on the safe side. Can you please recommend good doctors!


Thanks in advance.. i’ll be waiting for your help!

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  1. everybody I know whose done it tell me it is the best decision they have every done.

    Dr Khaled Al-Sabti is one of the best, I hear (he ruled me out, unfortunately), at least go for the initial checkup.

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  2. Was the best decision ever, and I would do it again if time goes back. I used to extend my hand to the night stand to fetch my eyeglasses

    I have done it with dr Amal in boshehri clinic

  3. Dr.Khaled AlSabti for sure, I did it 6 years ago with him and it was the best decision i have ever made. I would also recommend you to ask him or who ever you end up going to about LASER instead of LASIK. I was told it has better long term results. Anyways best of luck!

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      thanks.. im actually at his clinic now bes the queue is soooooo long I’ll wait for an hour and I’ll c if my turn comes..

    2. Please update us because Im also thinking about it … Let us know how much it costs as well! I heared patients have blurry vision some times after doing the surgery is it true ?

    3. Did LASER at Dr Sabti’s as well 2 years ago. Good stuff, should’ve done it a long time ago

      Disclaimer: side effects include first 2 days hurting like a $%£*£$&%&, halos around lights for a few months, and dry eyes that will persist probably forever.

      Still worth it tho. They told me he’s doing it for 700’ish nowadays? twas 500 when I did it

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  5. صراحه جزاه الله الف خير اللي اخترع هالتنقية لعلاج النظر
    انا سويييتهااا من زمااااااااااان من 2002 والعمليه سهله وماتخرع
    بس انا مسويتها بره الكويت

  6. I am being told by friends and family to do Lasik however I am afraid and I hate the water drops because your eyes will dry out faster bs do tell us the details that you get from this situation.

    O best of luck.

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      E I will inshallah, ill c what the doctor says, I went yesterday but but the only problem was mashallah the place was so crowded and I waited 1.5 hrs and couldn’t stay any longer I had to leave.. I’ll try pass by today early as I can.. I’ll kEEP you all updated and I’ll c what the doc has to say about lasik..

  7. My sister did it 5 years ago in dar al shefaa with Dr. AL’6feeree , she is quite happy except she is already suffering *Jfaf* so other than that it went well

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      Yeah thEY say that the jaffaf is an issues best droplets beat glasses and contacts any day! I love my glasses but will love Em more whEn they become a memory in my drawer cabinet he he..

  8. it was the greatest decision of my life its really easy oo they give u valium 7ag a7la noma ba3ad il 3amaleya oo trust me its been 4 months since ive done it oo kil youm il9b7 agoom a;3nee i can see clearly now the rain has gone oo youll save money no contacts no glasses walla a7san shay

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