Review: Cable Matters Mini Display Port to HDMI, VGA and DVI Adapter

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Yesterday I received my MacBook Air, as well as an adapter I ordered from Amazon which is basically a 3 in 1 Thunderbolt to VGA, DVI or HDMI (with sound output for HDMI), the Macbook Air doesn’t come with an output port, and there’s no way to connect it to a screen without using an adapter. Now apple sell these adapters at $29 each, as well as $34 after market HDMI connector, that means in order for you to buy them all together you will be paying  around $93 in total.

Apple Macbook Air Screen AdapterThe Cable Matters, Mini DisplayPort to HDMI DVI VGA is just the adapter you need to get all three in one device:

Apple Macbook Air Screen Adapter

I was sceptical at first, as it came with a Surreal price tag of $25.99, which was great value for money, I highly recommend investing in one if you own a Mac, just ensure that you select the correct adapter size in comparison to your laptop. For the HDMI output, to enable the sound, simply choose the TV/Screen as the output device, and voila!

Usability : 10/10

Size : 8/10 (A little bulky – but a must I guess)

Quality: 8/10 (Plastic quality could have been better, so that It would be closer to original apple products)

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You can find it on Amazon here.


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