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I’m currently in the process of restoring some of my old posts from the old blog that i was in ( Therefore I apologise if some of the older posts (before 2014) might have some missing images, as I’m in the process of migrating the rest of the data that I can get my hand’s on as well as all the photos. My old posts will be under the nickname (dude) and you might see some older watermarks on the images stating ( Having them on its965 will mean I wont loose some of my favourite posts, and i’ll try as much as possible to get everything up to date as soon as I can. Have a pleasant day!


BTW: for those of you who are interested, I tried multiple export and import methodologies and I missed out on an important point! Don’t settle for EXPORT only from your old blog, on the contrary have a full backup stored somewhere as you might need to put up a temp local website to extract some of your images and files from! I unfortunately had the misfortune of misplacing the backup, so also storing it on the cloud would be a good (if the size permits). For importing you can use the “Import” Option under tools, and import all your old posts there, also make sure your old site and new site are both online if you want to import the attachments automatically. 




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