Replacing Your Damaged Garmin GPS Screen or Battery

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I know You don’t really need a GPS for Kuwait, but if you go offroading a lot or discover new places every once in a while it comes in very handy. Especially when finding alternative routes when going back home and facing a blocked road due to an accident. 

The GPS was a life saver a couple of times with my wife, the best option is the Navigate to home, it makes life a lot easier for her and me. However one day, the GPS unit was in a Cup holder next to a filled paper 7-UP cup, unfortunately an accident happened and GPS unit ended up being submerged in 7 UP. 

It works, but the screen is far from clear, so I went online looking for a replacement screen it was around $36 for the screen, and 10 KD for the delivery. Installation was easy, i followed this video from YouTube and managed to open it up and cleaning it all and installing the new screen. 

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