Raffles Hotel Dubai – I Love you :)

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One of the most comfortable most luxurious hotels i’ve been in lately and I loved every bit of it! My main concern was to find a room that was big in size, I hate small rooms they make me feel as if i’m paying only for a bed. I like having a separate seeting area, the feeling of open spaces. I found that in Raffles Dubai!

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Unfortunately I lost all my photos after i accidently erased everything on my iPhone by syncing it to my other computer, however, i managed to find a few photos that my wife took of the room. You should try raffles honestly you wont regret it!

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For the price I paid the room (i used booking.com) it was one of the biggest rooms for the similar price of many other rooms in 5 Star hotels. I loved the lobby their huge decor (sorry again I don’t have pics with me :/), you get your own butler, everyone that works there knows your name. Its was an excellent stay. I usually like to experiment different hotels but I loved raffles, i’m definitely going there again!

A night before our trip, raffles called me up verifying my reservations, and I requested a bouquet of some specific flowers (Casablanca Lilies) that my wife likes, and a note, she was very pleased when she saw it in the room (they also give out a sweet fragrance and it smelled really good throughout for 3 night stay)  and she never expected it!

Joined to Wafi mall, you also have an opportunity to go shopping around without having to really get that far away from the hotel, its a nice quiet mall with loads of shops. Free valet parking was also a plus as well as complimentary high speed wireless internet which I managed to connect all my iDevices on! I loved it I totally loved raffles dubai!

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Just outside the window you have a balcony with two laid back chairs and a view of the garden on the third floor as well as  a number of nice buildings in the horizon. You get a 40″ TV in the room which you can hook up to your hdmi connector, a small office which I loved (i wished I had some work that I had to do, the office chair was comfy too :P). You also can hook up your ipod/iphone to a small BOSE sound system/radio to listen to your favorite tunes. We needed a break and raffles absolutely gave us that!


For more information you can visit their website here .



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  1. 3leekum bil3aafiaa ;D awal mrah asmaa3 3n el hotel ! bs shaklaa 3jeeeb ! I liked the design of the room mashallah waayed 7lo !

  2. I have been there a long while back and the hotel was nice, and the rooms were huge! But its a bit far from locations that I would want to go to and about 20 – 30 mins away from Jumeira depending on the traffic!

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