Proud to be A Boubyan Bank Customer!

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Everyone of us has to deal with a Bank for Salaries, savings, loans, and life in general. I tried 2 other banks, NBK and KFH, but I can say that (in my own humble opinion) Boubyan bank now offers a better quality of service than the service I used to get at the previous banks, and I have taken loans, and have had credit cards issued at all the previous banks including Boubyan, the most customer oriented bank is now in my opinion Boubyan Bank, even when it comes to their customer service centers, I tend to forget my password every time I log in, and I give them a call at least once or twice a month!

Ok, lets forget all the basic features that a bank has to offer, and all the elite features you get if you’re a Gold, Tamayouz or Platinum customer, lets talk about the Value added services they provide, now Boubyan bank provide online Western Union transfers, for me it saves me a very boring trip to the money exchange/transfer offices every month, and I tried it today, it couldn’t be any easier! (I’ll discuss the transfer further down), I decided to write this post not only because of the Western Union transfer feature, but also because of the Card less withdrawal! It’s not major but the option is priceless, especially when I’m in Shuwaikh and I forgot my wallet at my house in Mangaf, simply locate the closest ATM (which I later found out was in a very peculiar location in their application!), and drove a short distance out of my route to Sultan Shuwaikh where there was a Boubyan Bank ATM and did the transfer procedure. Overall I only added 20 mins to my journey, including the time I needed to locate the closest ATM!

The goal of service providers is to provide a reliable, up-to-date and consistent service to the customer and to be able to differentiate with different products and services along the way, I would think the way it is operating it will grow to be one of the best banks in Kuwait and I hope I’ll stay proud I’m a Boubyan Bank customer!

Here’s how simple it is to do the transfer, just add a new Beneficiary, call the bank to validate, you’ll receive a sms within 30 minutes and simply enter the amount you need to transfer. The only thing I believe is missing is a printer friendly version of the transfer (or at least a formatted print option) as I’m used to storing the invoices in a file.


It’s also achievable directly through any iOs or android device with the Application!

image (3)

So what about the Cardless withdrawal, I’d usually call it “wallet gone missing” feature hehe, as I forgot my wallet in my gym bag at home this morning, you simply log on to the app on your phone or computer, click on the menu and select go to Cashless withdrawal as shown in the following image :

image (1)

Then simply choose which of your multi-million KD accounts you would like to withdraw from :  (There is a limit of Max 4 times a day and a total of 100 KD – I think ;p)


Simply click next and you will get another authentication code on your registered mobile phone :

image (2)

 Then simply go to the ATM, select Cashless Withdrawal, and you will be prompted to enter the pass-code sent to your phone, then enter the password you chose in the application when setting up the amount you wanted to withdraw, and process, all within less than a minute!

Here are some other tools and features they Had on their app, I didn’t find out the branch locator except when I was writing this post, I feel i should have been labeled somewhere else as well, it didn’t come to my attention it would be under a tab called Apps.


Overall As I said earlier, I like where they are going, and I hope that there will be more and more features to come!


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  1. I totally agree. I tried convincing many friends to switch to Boubyan but they won’t listen.. Glad to see many agree with me.. Boubyan are visibly putting a lot of effort in communicating and satisfying their customers honestly.

    P.S: I live in Mangaf, and work in Shuwaikh too 🙂 Cardless withdrawal really helped me once!

  2. I had an extremely negative experience with Boubyan Bank. KFH respects me as a customer and their services are very good compared to Boubyan Bank in my opinion. I listened to you and this is what I got in return.

    I’m still waiting for them to give me my 500KD back which they took as mortgage against my visa gold credit card…… Insha’allah never again experience! KFH is the best 🙂

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