Prices of New Charger and their stuck up sales agent!

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A couple of days ago I went to the dodge/chrysler showroom in kuwait. Took a look at their new Charger, I had to go see it after watching Fast Five!

Check out the table in the photo for the prices.


(For a larger sized image click here )

One comment though about the sales agent. He had an attitude problem, I went in with a camera to give your car free publicity and his attitude sucked big time. It was like i was asking him to give me the car for free. Chrysler really chould look into customer service alot better. I used to know a bold guy in that showroom and i swear he would let you take your time and help you out as much as you would imagine (Best sales person ever at chrysler!).  But that day he wasn’t there, a tall guy “lets call him H.” sat on the table didn’t even move an inch, looked at me with his nose stuck up so much I was seconds away from making a big deal out of it. ok.. Go ahead take photos, and then i explained to him i was a blog and this is free publicity for your product, still the stuck up attitude. To bad i was out of business cards, i wanted to see would he change his attitude if he knew where I worked or what I did for a living.


People see you with a camera they instinctively think your from a magazine or newspaper. Do I have to show my business card to get their respect ? Do i have to wear a dishdashah and Gitra ? I’m sure Chrysler be loosing a lot of customers if this guy isn’t talked to. I swear if i was going to buy a chrysler and he was my sales person I would’ve cancelled no question asked since the showroom is the number 1 touchpoint between the customer and the company! Good thing i met good people at chrysler’s and their reputation for me is unharmed!


PS: I’ll be adding the pics of the car at a later post when i test drive the car 😀


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      Lol.. i’m a Computer Engineer at a private company :D.

      Usually Eng. Yourname on a business card will give you a little more prestige might i say, at least its how its precision in with most ppl i deal with here. Coming in wearing jeans and holding a camera you’ll be perceived as a photographer simply, or a journalist and unfortunately not given as much prestige and importance. I try as much as i can to go out as a blogger, as a simple person with a simple goal, and if necessary i would share my name and number.

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