Photos from Stage 1 of the Kuwait Rally

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I have taken a number of photographs from Kuwait Rally a couple of weeks back which I still haven’t shared on instagram or the blog, and I thought of posting them here and a link to the album so that the racers can get their photos, so if you know any racers, please share a link of the event with them!

I was there early as I spent the weekend at Al Joan Resort in Julai’a, so it was a matter of 5 mins drive from the shalaih, I took my son to have a look at the cars that were there at the time.

When the racers were all there, they parked in the start area, which was in front of the restaurant areas in the Seashell Julia’a resort.

Initially I parked next to a building on the road that houses an electricity transformer, it was hot, I had a bad knee that day and I parked there and waited for the cars to pass by, I wasn’t really sure of the event locations, but I wanted to shoot as much of the drivers as I could.

The next set of photos is at the first stage of the rally, I didn’t have a 4×4 i was reviewing the Tahoe at the time and I didn’t want to risk getting the car stuck. So I was by the road mostly.

If you would like to go through the full album click here.

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