Our Morning with Steve Wozniak!

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Yesterday we had a chance to meet Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, at Zain’s Knowledge Conference 2013. Great personality, very friendly and seems like the person who would develop technology for development sake not for  profit! He talked to us about innovation, and how he started off before apple, before getting a college degree, then about his venture in Apple and that some parts of the Steve jobs movie were lacking the truth or had misinterpreted information, seems he wasn’t 100% happy with Steve Jobs and he mentioned (borrowing ideas and not referencing them back – including the name – “Apple Computers”). Overall it was a great experience with a very humble human being. 

Sitting listening to him made me realize that sometimes you should move on and actually build your ideas, they don’t all have to be 100% successful, you learn from experience which is what landed him a job in Hp before he had a college degree.

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  1. Wozniak refused to spill the details of when and where the celebrity meeting took place, but he’s no stranger to being first to meet the latest and greatest.

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