Our Camping Trip to AlSomman

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A couple of guys and I decided to go camping in an Area Called “AlSumman” South of Hafer AlBatin in Saudi Arabia. There’s nearly no mobile phone coverage it was a detox from technology. I’ll leave you with some pics :

We were 4 cars (here’s a group photo)

The following pics show the environment there, nice and green (only specific places were like this and not the whole area)

The area was surrounded by Shepherds and would see sheep walking by during the day.

Chilling in the sun hehe.. no mobile phones, no computers, just good friends talking and eating 😛 lol


Lunch (An experimental Kabsa 😛 turned out yummy in the end hehe)

Coffee, tea by the fire at night


Steak, and Tikka

Some random Shots:



It was raining heavily on our way back to Kuwait, we had to drive through hafer al batin and into Kuwait through the AlSalmi Gateway.

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