New year in the Deserts of Saudi Arabia

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Usually we’d stay at home, watch the fireworks and countdown on TV, but this year we didn’t even notice it was new year. We went on an offroad trip all the way from Kuwait to the deserts and sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, in an area called Om Asher (Mother of Ten). It was about a three to four hour drive, we left the Kuwait through left border (AlSalmi) and headed towards Hafar AlBatin, where we visited a famous outdoor shop called “Kashta” (Arabic for Outing), then a restaurant for dinner (forgot what it was called) but they had nice food, the seating arrangements are partitioned spaces, and you would have a ground setting, then they will bring in your food to you in large trays.

ام عشر

I was driving all the way from Mangaf, and I was alone so I didn’t have a chance to take photographs along the way and was a little too tired when I arrived. Here are some of our photographs from the trip.

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The sand huge amount of land was truly a nice way to start a year from scratch and a reminder of how simple life is without all the ttechnologyinvolved, I left all my gadgets at home on purpose to make sure I can go there and enjoy the view and amazing weather and that bronze sand. We camped out for about 4 nights, and headed back on the fifth day. The soft sand and large dunes vs 4x4s was an adrenaline rush, i’m in the process of editing a video I shot of the two craziest drivers in the trip hehe, i’ll try to post them on instagram soon. Enjoy the rest of our photos! We also had our share of technical problems but were luck to have the tools we needed to fix most of them on the trip!

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