New Retina Apple iMacs with better prices!

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Apple just released it’s new upgrades to the iMac and Magic Accessories range, with great news to those thinking of buying an iMac.

Now all the 27″ Models come with the 5K Retina display as a standard option and the 21″ Model with a 4K display with only a $400 premium. The most important point to take note of is the fact that the 21″ Models do not have up-gradable RAM, which in turn will mean you have to buy as much RAM as you can when you purchase the device. However, OWC have announced that they took the 27″ up to 64 GBs of RAM (as it comes with 4 slots which can hold 16GBs each) and have am option for you to upgrade youre iMac’s RAM.

OWC 27" RAM Upgrades

For more information on the RAM upgrades provided by OWC check out the following link.


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