New 3D Cinema technology from LG don’t buy a new TV unless you see this!

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I’ve been thinking of replacing my LCD TV with a new 3D LED TV, the only thing keeping me from doing this is the fact that I don’t watch much TV and our TV is almost always on Baraaem (A TV channel on NileSat for children). I don’t use the sound system anymore since usually one of the kids would be sleeping. However that doesn’t keep me from looking around and staring at the screens when I hit an electrnocs store and evaluate my options :p.

Today i’d like to tell you about the new LED 3D screens from LG which uses a new 3D Cinema technology. Simply put it uses technology similar to 3D Imax cinemas, and simple polorized glasses and not those battery powered 3D glasses (that use shutter technology). The following Video will illustrate what i’m trying to say:

Wider Viewing Angle, Cheaper 3D glasses 10 for the price of one , glasses don’t require batteries or charging and  better picture quality.. I think i have to go check out their prices!



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  1. well i bought that 1 month ago and just to let you know its not that 3D picture you see in the cinema like chinik tkoon ma3ahom la you see this bas may6la3 min shasha bas ykoon my TV fa i rate the 3D 4.5/10 o the rest i rate it 10/10 ;/

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