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We were given the iPad mini to review by BEST Electronics, i had so many mixed thoughts about it, it took me quite a while to get everything down in typing.

1. The Weight

The iPad Mini has a lighter weight compared to the tablets i had (Motorola Xoom and iPad 2) you’d forget you had it in your bag. Usually with the ipad you’d feel like do I need to have it with me, its extra weight and needs extra space, but the iPad mini is a lot lighter, and you wouldn’t mind carrying it around, especially more suitable for travelling.

Also, the lighter weight means if you use it using one hand without getting tired or feeling you want to use a stand or put it on the table. I found it a lot more useful for reading, used it with iQuran, and at night the smaller screen gave less glow than the iPad 2 did, and the text was large (compared to when reading on iPhone).


2. The Size

From its name you’d know the iPad mini is now comparing itself to the nexus 7 and other smaller tablets in this range. Some might find the smaller size is too small if they were used to the iPad’s larger size. For others it might be just right!

The downside ?

I would say the major downside is the Screen resolution, if only the resolution was a little higher it would’ve been perfect. (but then they wouldn’t have any advancements for the next iPad mini :P) The other disadvantage is that the iPad mini doesn’t come with the latest A6x chip which is shipping out with the iPad 4, and of course  it uses the new lightning connection which means you need the new adapter to make it work with all your existing accessories.


Where to get it from?

The iPad 2 is being sold at BEST electronics for 129 KWD (WiFi Version) currently available in Black in all BEST Branches : Hawally, Alrai and Kuwait City. 

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  1. So would you say it’s perfect for kids attending schools where i-pads are made compulsory ?

    1. Post

      Its a lot easier to carry around, however for reading from and for school work, i’d believe larger screens would be better. I found the Mini easier to carry around, and a lot lighter. If the screen size isn’t a huge issue then go with the mini, (unless you’re comparing it to the ipad 4 or 3 with retina display and a stronger processor then go for those two).

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