My Sheeel Experience

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Today I checked out Sheeel and placed an order for the Logitech Bluetooth model they had, I was thinking that, its one of the things currently missing in my sound system, that I couldn’t connect my devices to it via bluetooth. It said the item was to be delivered in 48 hours, to my amazement I placed an order in 2:16 PM the item arrived at 6 PM ! 4 Hours! Yeah.. exactly! Good Work sheeel, will do business with you again! Its my first experience with sheeel but it probably wont be my last 😀

This is what came in the box, glad it came with the wire, didn’t feel like going shopping for one!


There’s still time to place an order (go to .. Yat’sheeel ya mat’sheeel ! Have a nice weekend everyone!

PS: for more info on the speakers check it out on amazon!

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  1. That’s cool usually it was 48 hours and they’ll deliver items I guess they are now delivering faster bcos they have more manpower to do so! 😀

    I’ve always liked them… and I like the fact that we have more than one option to get good electronic deals 😀

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