My New Toy: Motorola Xoom 3G

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I was always thinking about trying out android, but wasn’t really convinced about the handsets, I really like the stability of apples iOS, however, I tried caffenated’s Samsung Galaxy 10″ WiFi tablet, (6ab3an he kept on boasting it was th ebest thing ever and i kept on teasing him and asking him if samsung are stuck with their devices that didn’t sell in Germany and are looking for potential advertisers :P) However I never knew how it really was until I bought this.


1. The Purchase ‘Fa9la’ :

I heard of this cool offer from Zain Kuwait, regarding buying the samsung galaxy 10″ 3G version on installments for 13.5 KWD a month  – It was a Eureka moment for me and it was a weekend, so I went to a Zain branch, but they said I must have a Visa or MasterCard to be able to acquire this offer, I only had an Amex card, because my mastercard was still not from Baitek out after transferring from NBK.

This was how I felt 🙁

A week has passed, and I started blabbing about that Zain can’t do this and why don’t they accept the Amex card, and a friend of mine heard me and said. Your totally wrong! I pay all my bills for Amex points all the time, just go to the branch and they’ll take it, so i went to another branch this time and they accepted the Amex card and it was so easy a process I couldn’t believe it was happening.


2. The Motorola Moment  :




Then the guy at the counter (most patient person ever  –  Thank you Zain) was like, Xoom comes with 32 Gb of storage isn’t that better than the Samsung ? He got me both boxes so i can read the specs off the boxes, but it was too much for me to take in and confusion set in 😛 .. I was going to go buy the Samsung 16 Gb 3G version and that was why I was there in the first place, but then I realised that the Xoom might be a better offer!


3. The “Call your friend for help moment”

Couldn’ think of anyone to call so I called my dear friend ‘Caffenated’, samsung’s advertising agent 😛 and we put everything down in terms of specs :


4. Motorola Xoom 32 Gb 3G VS Samsung Galaxy Tab 10″ 16 Gb 3G Version :

To put it simply:

Advantages of Xoom over Samsung:

  • 5 MP rear camera  – instead of 3 on Samsung
  • Better Speakers, and Speaker HD dock from manufacturer
  • Expandable storage and availability of MicroSD slot (i.e. 32 internak + 32 microSD – on the way )  (not available on Samsung)


Advantages of Xoom over samsung Samsung over Xoom :

  • Better screen quality
  • lighter and thinner and looks in general
  • download rate of up to 21 Mbps, and 10 Mbps for the Xoom (this was the only point that was bothering me about the Xoom)


I ended up buying the Xoom! I will post some more review point in the coming weeks as I really utilize it to the max!

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  1. How come Xoom has all the advantages?? Check your post dude! 😛

    You can’t help but to notice Sammy’s doing a good job as of late… but I’m still rooting for anything innovative and new… Windows 8 looks cool!… hmmmmm

    LOL, Thanks for the Sweet and Tearful words dude… Im… speechless :’)

    Can’t wait for the full report on the Xoom! Bring it on!! 😀

  2. I’m pretty sure you meant “Advantages of samsung over xoom” on the second one.

    I’m a big samsung fan, even thou I dont have Tab or a galaxy phone. But both Xoom and Tab 10.1 are appealing!

    1. Post

      Yeah it was a typo he he.. fixed.. thnx for passing by.. to really know which one you favour you really should try both devices and see how it goes and what you prefer the most.. its mostly preference, if you can sacrifice the 21mbps hardware and stick with the one that’s up to 10mbps the ball would be on xoom’s side.. but if youre looking for looks get the samsung for sure..

    1. Post

      An iPads hardware specs is nearly half of that of the motorola and samsung! — But software wise it might still be in the lead..

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