My New Gaming Addiction – Real Racing 3

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Technology has improved so fast, you’re getting games that you would play on your PS2 before in even better graphics and performance, its just unbelievable.

Real Racing 3 a car racing simulator, which I can’t get enough of! I try to forget all about it at work because I would become so addicted and would play over and over just to make sure i’d get 1st place in all the races (I don’t settle for anything less than 1st place in every race) and if my car is not strong enough i’ll upgrade it and try again, or get a new car unlocked and try again in the new car!

The tracks are nice, the cars and graphics are all great, only a little problem with the bots / computerized cars, as they wouldn’t take into consideration where you are exactly and you’d find them run into you directly.

Here’s a gaming review from TechCloud with actual footage and game play!

To download it on google play click here

To download it on the App store click here

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