Mac OSx Yosemite – What’s New ?

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A Faster modern looking OSX, at last you feel an upgrade in the look and feel in a new OS.

In the key note they discussed some major updates to the basic Mail apps, and the transparency feature on the apps so that you have a contrast between your app and the current theme on your devices (was already there on Windows 8).

The today view in the notification area which allows you to look at all your calendar entries, and what more is that you can assign specific apps widgets to run in the today column for them to be right on hand when you need them.

Updates to safari include a built in favorites in the search bar and frequently visited sites, as well as direct integration and share functionality for images on websites, where you simply choose and share an image directly.

Safari also allows you to subscribe directly to RSS feeds from within the browser as well as sharing links and images.

Spotlight has been upgraded to allow you to search files and based on the application used, is more intuitive and allows you to do some operations such as changing units or calculating different values, also linking spotlight to internet sources such as wikipedia and different internet sources.

Mail has seen some major upgrades including the ability to annotate different image attachments

and sign pdf documents right from within the main app, the transparency effect on the sidebar and half of the app, and overall stability and speed updates so that swapping from one mailbox to another would be fast.

Mail Drop: A feature that will allow you to send attachments of up to 5 GB’s to your recipients. Its similar to uploading and sending a link through drop box, but everything integrated from within the mail app.

Icloud Drive: Now A built in drop box-like app from apple within the OSX.

New updates to the Message app in Yosemite, include SMS and Call support, where you can simultaneously link between your phone and your computer, and use your computer as a speakerphone and connect to all your contacts simultaneously even if your phone was in the other side of the room.

One of the strongest features in Yosemite which is pretty neat, but not entirely new is the “Continuity” feature where you’re able to resume working on documents and emails from your computer to your phone and vice versa. The app you’re working on on the computer will show on your phone and you can click to continue using this on your phone.

Air drop : Air drop was only on iOs, now its on OSx and iOs, where you can share files between your mac and idevices by simple drag and drop operations.

Starting the Hotspot from your phone directly from your apple computer without needing to touch your handset.

These were some of the major points that are on my mind from after watching the keynote. Now we need to wait for a new macbook pro to get with this new iOs 😀


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