Logitech K400 works with more things than advertised!

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I’ve been looking for a wireless keyboard for a while, and a couple of weeks back blink.com.kw had a good offer on it here for Kuwait.

I bought it to be able to use it with my home entertainment system and nothing much more, but apparantly it will work with nearly anything that supports a normal USB keyboard!

For starters, I tried it with my PS3, and to my amazement it worked fine! I can use both the mouse and the keyboard without any problem. Good value for money if you ask me , 10 KWD with blink’s offer really paid off 😀


The stated OS support at release were:

OS Support (at release) Windows XP x32, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64

One thing i never thought that this would be working with is   a nokia phone! I was looking for some demo videos of the deivce and some guy actually used this with a Nokia N8 device!


I think they never really anticipated this.. The cheapest bluetooth keyboard for a PS3 system (the good ones) cost at minimum around 16-20 KWD, so in my view this is a good cheaper multipurpose alternative.


This is another video that has more information on the product.


Logitech —- I’M IMPRESSED!

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  1. Logitech are always impressive.
    Be it Mice, Keyboards, Headphones, everything by them is impressive.

    What’s your PSN? ;p

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