Linksys EA4500 or EA6500?

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Linksys EA6500

Currently choosing between Two routers with a price difference of around 15 Kd, from 49.950 KD to 60 KD. The major technical differences are that the EA6500 comes with a new wireless technology the 802.11AC (yeah AC) its new to me too, apparently it will be cable of higher data rates and better range.

Taking all of that into consideration, you still have to know that it will take a couple of years for electronics manufacturers to implement the 802.11AC networks in their devices, therefore it might be an added benefit that i’d never use unless i purchase additional WiFi dongles. I’ll be digging in some more, my only reason for upgrading is that i feel my Belkin router isn’t performing up to my desired standards and I think a better router would give me better online performance, would be great if you can try before you buy hehe..

Here’s a nice comparison chart I got from, which shows exactly which come with which features.



Anyone tried any of these models?

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  1. neither. linksys sucks.

    Asus is better. The ASUS – RT-N66U and ASUS – RT-AC66U are the better options.

    If youre using the router to stream media from your computer to your TV in 1080p+ then youll need 2 of the AC models. If not, then youd be better off going with the n66u as you dont have anything that truly needs an AC router.

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      Cool.. I think i’ll be waiting up on upgrading until more devices support the AC model, i actually thought it was a problem with my router, but turns out that Fast Telco had a configuration issue which gave me an incorrect QoS thus mean I get lower speeds on my internet connection that what I should be getting.

      1. Intermittent both WIFI and wired connections. Randomly drops WIFI and wired connections and then requires full power down to reset. Waste of my time to do so 2 or 3 times each week. Calls to tech support direct me to TURN OFF THE FEATURES (prioritization, parental control) included in it. Really? For $200 why should I have too. And they are ALREADY off and it chugs along inconsistently.

        Saved box and receipt and am returning it. Need advice what to buy now. Have had WIFI at home for 10 years, this was my 3rd router. Had more problem in a few weeks than I had in a decade with the other 2 and they were MUCH cheaper.

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          I would go with the Asus latest AC router, got that, can’t wait for fiber optic though as it doesn’t come with a built in modem.

    2. No offence but you can’t use “Linksys Sucks” as an argument, all hardware has its ups and downs regardless of manufacturer, since most actually use the same guts with different UI on the front end 90% use Broadcom chipsets.

      In the end it falls down to personal taste and branding.

      As for 1080p Streaming you do not need an AC router, conventional 802.11n (300Mbps+) is more than enough to stream 1080p, the problem with DLNA streaming lies in signal interference, signal strength, data packet drop and inconsistency a 15kd Buffalo 802.11n router is as capable as a Netgear R6300 802.11AC Dual Band at 100kd, your issue is signal strength and data packet drop rate.

      I have owned every single brand of router and my experience is universal it’s less to do with the brand and more with the feature set and technology implementation.

      Having said that, you get what you pay for, if you want to future proof yourself and overpay for tomorrow’s technology today go for AC, I currently own the aforementioned R6300 simply because I have a Technology Company and need the latest and highest bandwidth and I love it, it’s fast consistent, handles my workload and server requirements.

      So.. in conclusion it all depends on your needs.

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        Thanks for your feedback, actually went with the ASUS RT-AC66U! Great indoor coverage and many features are supported.

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