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Every once in a while I tend to get some free time, or when I have about 30 mins on the treadmill with nothing to do, therefore I decided to reactivate my Lynda.com subscription. Lynda is basically a huge repository of tutorials Made by professionals in their respective fields and you can access all of that for 25 USD, which is about what you would spend on dinner on a night out, I was taught that education and investments in education are priceless.




Here is an example of new courses for photography as you can see they have different tutorial subjects for different levels of experience.




Hers a continuation of the different new Courses that are available :




I would really recommend you look into investing some of your time learning something new,  everything is built On a modular basis, currently I’m learning how to use Adobe illustrator CS 6 from scratch, and should get through the modules in 8.5 hrs. I will try to update you on my learning advancements on illustrator.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask 🙂


Here’s a quick example of a small tutorial :



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  1. You could also access coursera.org and check and see if they offer something for self improvisation that might interest you.

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