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Once upon a time, I learned coding, syntax, how to write algorithms and different programming languages, including C++, java, python and Php/MySQL. I wasn’t really good at writing code but I was great at creating documentations, and manipulating already written code. Time has passed since uni, and now i’m trying to re-learn some basics so that I can create my own applications (i’m mainly looking to create educational programs for children, to learn numbers, colors and shapes), so I set out online to find a suitable source of learning. I was already a member in Lynda.com, but to work with them demanded a high amount of time and dedication, however I fell upon a site called teamtreehouse.com. Here’s a short introduction video :

Check out their website at www.teamtreehouse.com, they have different learning tracks that you can choose from depending on your learning goals, cost is around $25 per month, which Is what you would typically spend on a day out with friends. Whats mainly different about teamtreehouse are the interactive quizzes and exercises after a lesson which stick what you’ve learned through application! I’ll be trying the create an application for android track and let you know how it goes after I learn something!




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