Kayaking – A Healthy ‘Habba’

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Me and 7aji really got hooked up to kayaking, enough to wake up at 6 AM in the morning and head out to sea with our Kayaks. the first time was the most painful time, but now every week we try something different. Last week it was so windy, paddling against the current made us feel we were rafting and not simply kayaking, and every week we try to break the distance barrier of last week and travel even further.





Last week we also tried a different transportation method where we didn’t use  7aji brother’s pick up, instead 7aji ordered Thule kayak mounts, and I used quite a primitive method Hoists and pull-down attachments I bought from The sultan Center. The results were satisfying and we were able to transfer our kayaks safely. The Challenge was getting them up our cars alone, just incase one of us couldn’t make it.


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  1. yeah kayaking is an excellent sport. Been doing it for some time in the chalet, the earlier in the morning the better.
    But make sure the kayaks are meant for seas not lakes, and beware of cheap kayaks.

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