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Jet Airways

One flight might not be a way to measure how good or bad an airline is, but for me and my experience, it would be the last time I fly on board jet airways! 

We flew from Abu Dhabi to kuwait, the plane was nearly full, but we flew around 20 minutes early which was a great advantage, the staff were friendly,  However for me the disadvantages on this flight outweigh the advantages. 

I wanted to upgrade my seat, because I wasn’t really happy with the location and odour in my current seat, however they said you can only upgrade on the counter and not on the plane, most airlines will ask the captain and they will set a price then and there. 

The other major major disadvantage was that the AC was so warm it was like just re-circulated air without any cooling which made it even worse to take in, it was hot and I just didn’t feel it was a clean plane overall. I flew in on another low budget airline but the standard was way different it was uncomparable. For me thats it, i had a very bad first impression, one of my friends flew on one of their larger planes to South East Asia, he said their standards were very good and they were very professional, so its up to you eventually. 


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  1. You will get a radically different experience flying Jet Airways on their long haul flights out of India to North America, Europe or Hong Kong. The Middle East for them is one down market sector for the likes of blue collar workers only which explains the pathetic state of aircrafts which they choose to service the MENA region. Considering Kuwait Airways is practically in a state of suspended animation, for travelers from Kuwait to India and back, Jet Airways is all they got. Till recently, the food used to taste like left overs but lately, they seem to be getting their act together in that department. As for leg room even in Premiere class you can kiss it good bye if you are traveling on Jet to Kuwait. Jet Airways for in bound and out bound traffic from Kuwait is simply a basket case. The Premiere class cabin beggars belief to it’s business class status. On service they are okay though not what you may come to expect traveling Cathay or Emirates.
    Better luck next time.

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      Yeah, thats what I heard. I would’ve expected newer smaller planes though, the service was ok, but an upgrade to their planes and overall standards should be done in case they ever think they want to target the Middle Eastern Segment. They have good flight times and more airport routes than other Airways in the region, all depends if we were a feasible choice for them.

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