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2 Weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out the new iRing by AAuxx from,  they have 3 – 4 different styles you can choose from, including one that is Ubuy branded which, their prices are from 3.5-5.5 KD.

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Whats so Unique about this ring, is unlike the sling grips we liked and got used to, you can actually use the iRing as a stand and place your handset in an inclined manner on the table or hang it on the provided hook which makes it a lot more appropriate than the traditional sling grip.

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To install, As the instructions simply stated, just clean the surface of the handset or cover really well using an Alcohol tab and remove the sticky backing and stick the iRing to your device, now you don’t have to worry, as the original clip has quite an impressive glue, I was able to remove it and install it 3-4 times (until I found the most comfortable grip) and I still have it on for more than 2 weeks and its holding really well!

The nice thing about this clip as I said earlier was the ability to hang the handset from the provided hook (with Strong 3m backing)

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Even better, when rotating the handset the iRing will hold the rotation angle, just as you can see in the pictures above, allowing me to hang the phone in a portrait or landscape mode.

The downside, well as every product out there any thing you add to a handset’s will increase the handset’s overall size, and in the case of the iRing, the size will increase by about 5 mm, which for some people might be considered inappropriate, for me it added a layer of protection to the camera, as the note 3’s camera sits flush on the table.

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