Iphone 4.3.3 Jailbreak Available !

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A friend of mine was reading zhgaan’s Blog, and he mensionined that there was a Jailbreak avaiable for 4.3.3 ! That means I don’t have to carry about my Mifi all the time :P..


Not that i’m with Jailbreaking, i’m not against it. I’m Pro-Open source I love Cydia, I don’t fully support installous, I buy most of the applications that i use on a daily basis, since i support developers!

However I love customizing my Iphone, I started to hate listening to all the default themes from Iphones all around me 😛 So guys.. I can’t say how to upgrade or jailbreak exaclty but check out the following links I found online :P! (PS: Works with redsnow and pwnage tool)

– Does not support non-unlocked phones yet.

Nearly all the info you need you’ll find in the following link :


Check out the announcement on the dev-team blog here : http://blog.iphone-dev.org/




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  1. Since version 4.3 you no longer need to carry your mifi around since you can share your iphones internet over wifi officially using the personal hotspot feature built into the iphone.

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      Yeah, I know.. i was on 4.1 for a reason or another (jb maybe:P) :P.. I did a full restore today starting from scratch i had around 4.1 GB of stuff that appeared as “Others” in Itunes.. A New start is cool every once in a while :p

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