iOS 5, Still coming soon :(

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I’ve been trying since 10 AM this morning and refreshing their site 1000 times per minute, According to their keynote the update is set for Oct 12, and its passed 12 AM in Cupertino time 😛 But i still haven’t got tot he page that says the update is today.


I’ve also had a serious error on my Win 7 64 bit Alienware,  I keep on getting an error installing iTunes 10.5, so that i’ll be ready to download the iOS once its here!


Getting ready for the update :

For now, YOU too should get ready :P,

1. Backup your iDevices:

Transfer all your purchases, backup all your image files to a separate storage too just incase. It will also help emptying your application file storage so that you want have Gig’s of movies stored in your backup files (these can be added in later) if you want them  its better to manually move them, else you’ll end up with a 20 GB backup file.

2. Download iTunes 10.5 here

3. Keep checking for updates 😛


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  1. Apple usually launches all their new iOS 1pm EST, which means 8 pm in our time. Unlike hardware launches (ex iphone 4, 4s) which always goes live 12am sharp.
    Good luck 😉

    1. Post

      7aji had the dev version, i wanted to stay on 4.3.2 coz i had it jailbroken because i cant live without the boss prefs shortcuts. got over it and restored my phone to 4.3.5 getting ready to upgrade 🙂 and still clicking “check for update ” lol

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