I did it again – Viaddress :/

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This is the second time I order through Viaddress Again :/. If you read my previous post on Viaddress you’ll know why the :/ face. I wanted to order a couple of Rubik’s Cubes (original quality ones) from amazon. So i ordered 3. All costing me around 8 KD for all three.

 Unfortunately my one-click address was somehow linked to viaddress by default, and it went through them. I didn’t know until i received an email from viaddress saying that there is a new shipment in my mailbox :/

How much do you think I ended up paying for shipment?

No, I actually paid 31 KD!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Viaddress. My solution was to remove it from my Amazon Address list completely!

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  1. I am so thankful to have a US address in Kuwait and that I do not have to deal with this bs. 🙁 Sorry that happened to you and it’s a good thing you removed them from your account. What a rip off they are at that price.

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